The Top Swim Leggings for Scuba Diving in 2023

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Swim leggings are a great addition to any scuba girl’s swimwear collection. They provide additional coverage, protection from the sun, and additional warmth. Typically made from the same materials as swimsuits, these leggings stretch both horizontally and vertically for a snug but comfortable fit and maximum range of motion.

Swim Leggings Loved By Scuba Divers

Here are the most popular places scuba divers go shopping for swim leggings.


When you purchase Waterlust, you aren’t just buying swim leggings, you’re helping to advocate for marine conservation.

Made from recycled and organic materials, Waterlust makes stunningly beautiful swim leggings! Choose from a myriad of aquatic designs, such as parrotfish, lionfish, sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, and the ever-popular whale shark.

Leggings offer UPF 50+ protection, pockets, and a customizable inseam! The bright colors won’t fade from exposure to the sun, chlorine, or salt water. Available in sizes XS-3XL.

Every purchase from Waterlust results in a 10% donation to one of their marine research and education partners, including but not limited to Coral Morphologic, Shark Research and Conservation, and Center for Whale Research.

Scuba Sisters

With dozens of designs available, you’ll be sure to find a pattern you can’t live without from Scuba Sisters.

Founder Wendy created Scuba Sisters after realizing how limited the options for swim apparel and gear were for female scuba divers. She has combined her apparel industry knowledge with her love of diving to create a great product.

Swim leggings from Scuba Sisters offer UPF 50+ protection and a four-way stretch for a comfortable fit. Eco-friendly inks are used and every pair is hand sewn. Available in sizes XS-6XL.

Spacefish Army

Bright colors, unique artistic designs, and pockets make the leggings from Spacefish Army a dream to wear! Made from 87% recycled polyester and spandex, these swim leggings are an eco-friendly choice. In addition to a four-way stretch, the seams on these leggings are reinforced flatlock stylized seaming to ensure a secure fit. UPF 50+ fabric is perfect for those looking for protection from the sun’s rays.

Available in sizes XS-6XL and worldwide shipping is available.

Blue Adaptation

Made from recycled materials and eco-friendly printing methods including a waterless dye method, Blue Adaptation offers leggings that were designed with divemasters in mind.

Their Prints With Purpose gives up to 50% of the proceeds from the legging sales go to marine conservation organizations, like the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which works to save the critically endangered vaquita porpoise.

UPF 40+ and UPF 50+ leggings protect from the sun. Available in sizes XS-3XL. Every order is shipped in plastic-free packaging.


Mantaraj was created by photographers and designers who love to dive! Based in Sweden, this company makes each order on demand to reduce textile waste. Inks are vegan, water-based, and chemical-free, a highly sustainable option.

Leggings can be purchased in sizes XS-XL and both high-rise and low-rise options!

Nudi Wear

Made by divers for divers and a veteran-owned business, Nudi Wear of course offers a print for nudibranch lovers in addition to several other attractive prints!

The fabric used is made from recycled plastic bottles and provides UPF 50+ protection from the sun. A zippered pocket is included, a highly desired feature for any diver! These high-performance leggings will last dive after dive.

A total of 10% of profits are donated to various marine conservation organizations.

Blu Wild Swimwear

Mads St Clair, a marine biologist and wildlife filmmaker is the founder of Blu Wild Swimwear. This brand designs sleek, high-performance gear that offers UPF 40 protection.

The company strives to use fabrics that meet the Global Recycled Standard (GRS). Fabrics that meet these standards are made from recycled plastic bottles, packaging, and fishing nets. The overall design is intended to result in a product that will last for a long time.

Leggings from Blu Wild Swimwear are available in sizes XS-XL.

Reel Mermaid

Full-length leggings and capri leggings in vibrant colors and fun designs can be found at Reel Mermaid.

Most items are hand-sewn and made to order to reduce waste. Custom orders are available upon request! Leggings can be purchased in sizes XS-XL.


Slipins was founded by Robin and Rick in California, U.S.A. While learning to surf, Robin struggled with getting in and out of her wetsuit. Frustrated, she put on an old lycra workout suit and discovered how much easier it made putting on a wetsuit. At that moment, SlipIns was born!

Slipins and loved by both surfers and divers. A wide range of colorful patterns can be purchased in the online store, each offering UPF 50+ protection. Slipins can be purchased in sizes XS – 2XL.

Ningaloo Swimwear

Inspired by Ningaloo Reef and based in Western Australia, the company makes designs from what can be seen in the Indian Ocean.

Each pair of leggings is made from fabric that contains at least 10 recycled plastic bottles. UPF 50+ protection keeps skin safe from sun exposure. New designs are released every summer!

These leggings are great for diving, surfing, SUPing, and yoga.

Benni Marine Designs

Benni Marine Designs was founded by an underwater photographer who wanted to bring the beauty of the ocean to life in durable swimwear.

Full-length leggings in ocean-inspired prints offer UPF 50+ protection and a high waist. Those who get cold easily in the water will love the thermal leggings, made from Roubaix fabric which includes a soft brush lining!

Available in sizes XS-XL

Tell Us About Your Favorite Swim Leggings Brand!

We are always looking to add to our list of favorite swim leggings brands, if you have a favorite, please be sure to comment or contact us and let us know!

Happy Diving!

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