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Cressi Frameless F1 Mask – $36.95

This mask has a low-volume design and is extremely popular among scuba divers and snorkelers. Designed with a single CE-certified tempered glass lens which provides a wide field of view. The lens is scratch-resistant and durable. The overall design is low-profile, meaning that the lens sits closer to the face, reducing drag in the water.

A soft and pliable skirt made of high-grade silicone ensures a comfortable fit. The silicone skirt is bonded to the lens without a rigid frame. This allows the mask to be folded flat – so flat that it can be put into a BCD pocket! It’s the perfect mask for divers who travel often and are looking for gear that can be easily packed.

The mask strap includes the patented 360° rotatable Micrometric Adjustable Buckle, making it easy to adjust the fit.

This mask is designed to fit a medium-large sized face. Divers with a smaller face should consider the Cressi Frameless F1 Mini. Both sizes are available in several colors. Every mask does come in a mask box for convenient storage.

Cressi Frameless F1 Mask in Pink


  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Easy to pack
  • Easy to adjust mask strap buckles
  • Comes with a 24-month limited warranty


  • Does not have built-in anti-fog technology
  • Does not offer the protection that a rigid frame could
Sherwood Vantage Mask

Sherwood Vantage Mask – $58.00

This is a great choice for scuba divers who are seeking a mask compatible with prescription lenses.

Another low-volume mask, the Sherwood Vantage features a classic dual-lens design. Each lens is made from tempered glass but can be replaced with prescription lenses -1.5 to -8.0.

The silicone skirt has a double edge, allowing for a perfect seal on the face. A wide mask strap helps to distribute pressure and improves this seal.

The mask strap has a Quick Detach (QD) Buckle that is also easy to adjust.

This mask is available in multiple colors – including a black frame with black silicone. Mask box included.


  • Can use prescription lenses
  • Fits the majority of divers
  • Limited 24-month warranty


  • Not available in a smaller size for divers with a narrow face

Scubapro Trinidad 3 Mask – $79.00

Created in colors that match the popular Scubapro Seawing Nova fins, the Trinidad 3 Mask is newly redesigned. The mask is still a single lens that offers an uninterrupted view with a frameless construction, making it lightweight and easy to pack.

The redesign involves the buckle system. Each buckle attaches directly to the skirt via a tab. This aims to enhance the range of motion when adjusting for fit.

Divers report that the Ultra Clear lens is great and allows for a distorted-free view underwater. The included silicone strap sits comfortably and improves the seal of the skirt. This is a low-volume mask.


  • Can be used with Scubapro’s new Comfort Straps
  • Colors match Scubapro Seawing Nova
  • Limited 12-month warranty


  • Some divers report that the tabs where the buckles connect tear easily, reducing the life of the mask
Scubapro Trinidad 3 Mask
Oceanic Duo Mask

Oceanic Duo Mask – $64.95

This mask fits most faces! Designed with a double-feathered edge, the silicone skirt conforms well to create an excellent seal. The lens is a reverse teardrop dual-lens tempered safety glass that sits close to the eyes for improved visual clarity. Rotating strap buckles makes adjustments easy.

Available with both a black skirt or a clear skirt and several colors, including red, yellow, blue aqua, and pink.

This is a very sturdy mask that lasts for a long time!


  • Low volume for reduced drag
  • Durable lenses that are resistant to stretches and abrasions
  • Limited 12-month warranty


  • Doesn’t have a smaller, mini size for narrower faces

Genesis Rama Mask – $76.00

Divers who prefer to have peripheral vision while diving will adore the Rama.

This mask has a three-lens design, including a wide center lens and two side lenses. This results in an outstanding horizontal field of vision. The skirt is made from 100% silicone and is designed with a double feathered edge for an enhanced seal and comfort.

This is a medium-volume mask, which means the lenses do not sit as close to the eyes as a low-volume mask. This could result in a slight increase in drag.


  • Three lens design improves the field of vision and allows for peripheral vision.
  • Comfortable fit and good seal
  • Limited 24 month warranty


  • Divers report the mask can feel “box like”
  • Small release lever on buckles can be difficult to use
Genesis Rama Mask

Cressi Liberty Triside Mask – $59.95

Featuring a wide mono front lens with two side lenses, this Cressi mask provides a panorama view! The additional peripheral view is loved by scuba diving instructors who say that it is handy when students are trying to signal them.

The push-button swivel buckles are easy to adjust, even with gloves on. The silicone skirt is soft and creates a great seal. Available in four colors, black, gold, sapphire, and rose with a black skirt.


  • Panorama View – Great choice for scuba instructors, dive guides, and photographers
  • Very comfortable
  • Limited 24-month warranty


  • Medium-volume design could increase drag
  • Some divers report the mask doesn’t fit well on larger faces

Scubapro Zoom Evo Mask – $99.00

A completely new low-volume dual lens mask, the Scubapro Zoom Evo Mask is the perfect option for divers who need positive Diopter optical lenses.

The new lens-changing system makes it easy for divers to change out their lenses when needed – no need to take the mask to a local shop! The double

Available subframe colors match the Scubapro Seawing Nova fins and Hydro Pro BCDs.


  • Can be used with optical lenses
  • Divers can change their own lenses
  • Comfortable fit
  • Limited 12-month warranty


  • The field of vision isn’t as large as other masks
Scubapro Zoom Evo Mask

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