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Welcome to Scuba Girl Gear, where a team of passionate women divers is dedicated to equipping you for your underwater adventures! We research, test, and share insights on scuba gear, swimwear, travel essentials, and amazing dive destinations, empowering new and seasoned divers alike to make the most of every plunge.

Fins up and happy diving!

Craft Your Unique Scuba Journey and Enhance Every Dive

From curious beginners to seasoned pros, we’ve got something to fuel your dive passion and enhance your experiences.

Learn about the different organizations that offer open-water scuba diving certification worldwide. Discover the steps to earn a certification and what you can expect during your classes.

The right equipment is essential for a safe and comfortable dive. Our team regularly tests and reviews scuba diving gear that is made for women.

Discover scuba diving destinations worldwide! Learn about the best dive sites, diving conditions, gear you may require, and wildlife you may encounter.

Travel and dive accessories can streamline your journey, transforming lost minutes searching for essentials into precious moments soaking up new experiences. Our team loves sharing our favorites!

Finding the right fit isn’t always easy, but every diver needs well-made, durable, and comfortable swimwear. Our goal is help women of every size and shape find swimsuits they love!

Our team has our own scuba and marine life themed apparel! Shop hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, dive leggings, swimsuits and more and proudly share your love of diving and the ocean!

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